Donate your unneeded vehicles to God's work!

Cars For Christ ®
Boats for Christ ® and RVs for Christ ®
6125 Washington St SW, Covington GA 30014
Phone: 770-784-9999
Fax: 770-385-6551

Must the vehicle be in running condition?
No. It does not need to be operational but it must still have it's engine and transmission.

Who is Cars for Christ®?
It is a subsidiary of Creative Ministries, a non-profit, tax exempt, Christian evangelistic ministry and a division of Greater Grace Church of Conyers. The proceeds go to purchase Bibles, tracts, discipleship, food and clothes for the poor and the winning of thousands of souls to Christ every year.

Who pays for towing my vehicle?
For cars in running condition, towing is generally free. In an effort to defray the cost of transporting and repairing inoperable vehicles, Cars For Christ suggests a donation of $50.00 or so. Your check made payable to Cars for Christ® is fully tax deductible in addition to your tax receipt for the full market value of the vehicle.

Is a current tag required?
No, because in Georgia you now keep the plates.

Is it ok if I have an out of state title?

What must I do if I don't have my title?
If the vehicle to be donated is a 1985 or older, we will need a hand written letter of donation. If it is a 1986 model or newer you will need to apply for a replacement title at the DMV (404) 362-6500 or your local, County tag office.

How long does it take to get the vehicle picked up?
Usually less than 5-7 days.

What if I am in a hurry for the receipt?
We can fax you our information but we must have the original documents. You are welcome to stop by the offices of C4C from 9:00 - 5:00 M - F. We will try to expedite you pick-up for non-running cars or you can drop off ones that run at our offices.

What happens to my donated vehicle?
It will be sold at auction, to the general public and/or auto dealers.

How do I determine the fair market value of my donated vehicle?
You can consult your accountant, use the blue/black book value, check Kelly Blue Book, call your bank or credit union, or use the classified ads.

How much of the sales price of my donated vehicle actually goes to the ministry?
Usually 70-80% depending on the value of the vehicle.

Will you take items other than cars?
Yes. We will take motor homes, most pop-up trailers, motorcycles, buses, boats with trailers, riding lawnmowers or real estate.

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